Village School


The school on Main Road caters for children up to the age of seven – Year Two of the school system. It is partnered with schools in the villages of Swanbourne and Mursley, and the three schools are run as a combined unit under one Head Teacher. Swanbourne C of E school takes children up to Year Six, the last year of Primary School.

A copy of the Admission Policy can be found on the school website ( or a paper copy requested from the school office.

Please click on the link to see ‘The Three Schools’

Polite Notice

Drayton Parslow Village School staff and parents are having trouble when cars park in the car park on the footpath that leads towards the Hall from the gate to the top car park.

When cars are parked by the fence it means parents are having to walk into the carpark/ road part of the track up to the top car park causing safety issues.  The minibus also has trouble getting into the parking spot as the turning space is not ample enough when a car is parked near the gate on the path part of the car park.

They are asking if at all possible please can people keep the path free for pedestrians and if parking use the top car park. School parents have also been asked to do this wherever possible.