Rules of Hire

For the benefit of all users, the Greenacre Hall committee has established a few guidelines as follows:

  • The hall and all adjoining rooms are designated strictly no smoking areas. Please note: Code to switch off the fire alarm 21132 and to reset 21134.
  • All bookings to be paid for in advance. Large event bookings will require a refundable deposit of £200, to be received at time of confirmed booking or 2 months before the party, whichever is the later.
  • Rubbish from parties to be removed by hirers – the dustbin can only accommodate general hall use.
  • All hirers to leave the building as they have found it. This will entail sweeping the floor and stacking chairs (no more than 5 high) and return key.
  • You must not use school/playgroup equipment.
  • Parties must finish by midnight at weekends and 11 pm on weekdays. Parties which overrun, or the committee receives complaints from neighbours, can result in loss of deposit. Please ensure your guests leave the building quietly.
  • An adult must accompany all children under the age of 18.
  • All personal property and cars left unattended at owner’s risk.
  • On closure, please ensure heating, lights, electric appliances etc. are switched off, and windows and doors to be closed. Remember to check lighting is also switched off in the toilets. In winter months, please leave Zone 1 heating at 20 and ensure electric heaters are switched to zero in the hall and zone. Zone 2 in the entrance hall and Carrington room should remain at 15.
  • Unless specifically requested, you will only be given the key to the front white door. For weddings, special events etc. key to main folding doors available only on request.