Greenacre Hall – Rates of Hire

Main Hall Only (For meetings, badminton etc.)
Weekday Daytime £8.00/hr
Weekday Evening £10.00/hr
Weekend Daytime £11.00/hr
Weekend Evening £14.00/hr
Regular Weekday Daytime (min. 12 sessions) £6.50/hr
Regular Weekday Evening (min. 12 sessions) £7.50/hr
Regular Weekend Daytime (min. 12 sessions) £7.50/hr
Carrington Room £6.50/hr
The Gallery £5.00/hr
Whole Hall Private Party/Events (Max 90 guests)
Weekday/Weekend Daytime £20.00/hr
Weekday/Weekend Evening (£150 min) £25.00/hr
Whole day and evening (9am – midnight)  £200.00
Childrens Parties (min. 3 hours)
(max. 50 children under 11 years of age)
£50 for first 3 hours, then: £15.00/hr


All bookings must be paid for in advance. To book: Call Carol 01296 720741

£200 (refundable) deposit for large adult party bookings will be required

Cutlery and china hire (for 90 place settings) £25 – must be returned washed and breakages paid for.

Weekdays are from 9am Monday to 6pm Friday. Evenings are from 6pm
Weekends are from 6pm Friday to 8am Mondays, all Bank Holidays and from 6pm preceding a Bank Holiday

Cancellations at the committee’s discretion.